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Safety on the road

Everybody is strapped in, valuables are out of sight and you’re on your way to your first meeting for the day. Firstly, make sure there’s a hands free kit in your car. Nobody on this earth drives better while holding a phone or worse still, while texting.

Get into the habit (and this takes constant practice) of checking your rear view mirror every time you slow down or brake.

Apart from greatly increasing your spatial awareness, it will also give you the time to brace yourself if the vehicle behind you fails to stop. Better this, than being in a brace due to whiplash.

When arriving at a stop street or robot, stop at a distance that enables you to see a metre of tar behind the back wheels of the vehicle in front of you. This will give you the space to maneuver around the vehicle in front of you if need be. It will also very possibly help you avoid hitting the car in front of you, should you be rear ended. 

You approach the first major intersection, and  inevitably someone approaches your vehicle. The stiff neck syndrome kicks in – “I will not acknowledge him and he will go away.” Look at the person approaching your car, they must know that you have seen them. Look at their hands – are they open or hidden? Then look at their feet. Nobody is going to hijack or smash and grab in flip flops.

If the person approaching your car is wearing a jersey or jacket in summer, that’s a red flag.

Look to your left as well – a popular strategy is for someone to distract you on the driver’s side, while someone else smashes your window on the left. Of course this is unlikely to happen if nothing valuable is visible.

It goes without saying that all doors should be locked and windows closed. It is good security practice to have your windows lightly tinted and there are several security advantages to this. 

  1. In the case of an attempted smash and grab, the tint laminate prevents the window from just crumbling – several blows will be required to penetrate the window. 
  2. At night it is difficult to see inside a tinted window, making criminals far less likely to approach a vehicle. If they cannot see clearly into it, they generally do not approach it. 
  3. The tint also provides UV protection, which means your car is kept cooler and the upholstery more protected against sun damage.

Drive safely and avoid getting angry at bad drivers – nothing good ever comes from road rage.