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So, we are back from holiday and the daily grind starts again – all routines have gone out the window and it’s time to reinstate them.

This includes staying safe. Read on to gain some useful, easy-to-implement tips on how to keep yourself and your family out of harm’s way.

Firstly, whether you have gone away or not, do a proper check of your boundary wall or fence. This should include an external boundary inspection. You are not just looking for possible criminal activity.

The heavy rains of the last month could also have created some damage you may not have noticed. 

Walk around your house when it is dark and check that your outside lights are working, this is also an opportunity to identify dark spaces and to remedy this by perhaps installing a light or two. 

Check that your electric fence has no vegetation touching it and test it by pushing two wires together with a broom. This should set off the alarm which should link to your armed response company.

If it doesn’t, make sure to call your security provider and check what the reason for a lack of response was.

Test your panic buttons, not only inside the house but outside as well. Walk across the road or to the gate of your complex and see whether the signal carries. If not, long range panic buttons are available. With these at your disposal, you’ll be able to drive and stop slightly further away from your gate and if anything appears out of order, you will be able to press the panic button and drive around the block until the armed response officer arrives.

When arriving home, never turn into your driveway and sit there waiting for the gate to open.

Rather, stop parallel to your driveway and observe your surroundings. Are there vehicles or people near you and is the gate still closed properly?

Do your dogs usually greet you at the gate? If they are not there when you arrive home, see it as a red flag, press the panic button and drive away.

When you have determined that it is safe to enter, open the gate while still parked parallel to it. Once the gate is open, have a final look around and drive in. Finally, close the gate immediately, making sure to stop and watch it close behind you before parking.

We hope you’ve found this an interesting read and wish you all the best implementing some new and important routines to stay safe in 2023.