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Leaving Home

So the school run is back and work has started.

Most mornings now involve rushing to the car, herding children, throwing everything in and hot tailing it out of the gate, so as not to be late.

Firstly, breathe. Take the time to walk to the gate and look outside for anything out of the ordinary. This means vehicles or people, if in doubt press the panic button. You are paying for a service and should feel at ease to use at any time you need to.

If possible, park so that you can drive forwards out of your gate. Contrary to popular belief, very few people can drive better backwards.

Have a quick look at your tyres – it’s far safer to change a flat tyre on your property. Once in the car check the petrol gauge; if below half, fill up. It is inexcusable to run out of petrol – and even more so, to put yourself in harm’s way on the side of a road with an empty petrol tank.

Laptops should go into the boot as well as handbags.

Make sure all children are in the vehicle and strapped in, and that no pets are sitting behind or in front of your vehicle. Sadly, a large amount of pet deaths are due to their owners accidentally driving over them. 

Once you are ready to leave, drive right up to the gate before opening it. This will minimise the time that it is open for and reduce the opportunity for an attack.   

Pass this info on to your friends and family – it might seem obvious, but it could be just the sort of advice they need to stay safe.