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How to stay safe on the roads this holiday season

The first term is done and dusted, school holidays have kicked in and it’s time for a road trip!

Here are 10 basic checks to help keep you and your loved ones safe when heading for that coast, mountain or bush holiday you’ve all been eagerly awaiting.

  1. Familiarise yourself with your route, including where the petrol stations and the nearest hospital or medical facilities are.
  2. Make sure you are confident about driving and that you know your vehicle and what fuel it requires. Ensure that your spare tyre (inflated), jack and wheel spanner are in their spot and that you have a torch or better still, a headlamp (with batteries that work to accompany it).
  3. Check that all lights and indicators work and that your mirrors are aligned.
  4. When driving at night, provided there are no other cars around, keep your bright lights on and focus on looking as far ahead as possible.
  5. Should you hit obstacles in the road, slow down but don’t stop – rather a ruined rim than a ruined life. Contrary to popular belief, you can drive for quite a few kilometers on a flat tyre.
  6. Do not allow your fuel gauge to go below half tank.
  7. Never stop on the side of the road at night with your car’s interior lights on – you are like a fish in a bowl – everyone can see you and you can see nothing.
  8. When approaching overhead bridges, if your side lanes are clear when 40 metres from the bridge, change lanes without indicating. This will make it a lot more difficult for someone to drop something onto your vehicle from above.
  9. If you arrive earlier than your check-in time, insist on parking inside the resort.
  10. Avoid leaving your fully packed vehicle in a public parking lot for a quick walk on the beach while waiting for check-in time.

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy holiday.