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AI solutions could help solve common security issues on large industrial sites

I spent a decade of my career, overseeing and ensuring the safety and security of the biggest industrial businesses in Wynberg, along with several smaller warehouses and industrial sites. Many of these sites had an extensive camera system, and to this day, most still do. 

However, even though they are monitored by many high-end cameras, the sites still face some serious problems, which are usually common amongst them.

Below are some of the most glaring issues I have seen, all of which could easily be solved with the implementation of our AI.

1) Cameras are not positioned with a security perspective in mind.

2) Footage is either just recorded and not proactively monitored, or if monitored, it’s usually managed by offsite monitoring controllers who do not know the site and therefore do not know the correct or most relevant action to take and when to take it.

3.) During my time working on these large industrial sites, our controllers were on site, yet they could still never remember all the security requirements for the different areas within the environments, leaving large gaps and a whole lot of room for error.

4.) IT providers and camera installers had often changed with no proper handover, making it more difficult to get into and manage the systems that were previously put in place.

5.) Company owners were often set in their ways and suspicious of new technology or costs and so, would likely not implement it.

6.) Due to the sheer size and volume of the big sites, and as is the case with all large businesses, a multi-tiered approval approach was always required, further increasing the barriers to entry. 

So, with all of the above in mind and with AI being the biggest force multiplier, it makes sense to implement it to combat these very obvious and common issues.

Refraime is a customisable, cost effective AI and computer learning solution for all your security needs, both simple and complex. 

Over and above this, it’s purely South African and therefore, constantly addressing truly South African problems.

Get in touch with us to discuss your current requirements.

Whatever your needs, we have a solution that is sure to re-frame your environment, keeping you safer and giving you more peace of mind.

Until next time, stay vigilant.

Victor Tortora