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Who we are

We are a collective of multi-disciplined, experienced & passionate visionaries who share a common purpose. That is to create custom solutions to aid & uplift various communities & business sectors.  Our current focus is to solve the long-term security issues our communities experience & from there, the opportunities across industry are limitless. 

As a proudly South African company, we believe that using leading-edge tech in the disparate eco-systems within our country, requires proximity & familiarity. And that’s why Refraime exists. Our technology is within immediate reach, to solve, implement & oversee your security needs & deliver peace of mind at an affordable price.

The Long Term Rewards

It’s not just security that we are focussed on reframing.

Our platform is so robust, it can be deployed across industry, to help collect actionable data of interest, while monitoring & managing various entities within the environments it serves. One such world-first project that speaks to this, is aimed at re-establishing the migratory routes & patterns of wild elephants across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Current Projects

Improved Models

With the assistance of our client base we are constantly retraining & upgrading our AI models. Some practical examples revolve around thermal imaging, action recognition & head counting. Your smart system is only getting smarter!


We are building community networks to reduce the wiggle room for crime by allowing our users to share information gained from their smart security systems with closed community groups.

Facial and License Plate Recognition

Our aim is to offer clients affordable access to the best quality license plate & facial recognition software available. We also want them to be able to apply it to any CCTV setup they may currently have.

Improved interface

As our software is both a product & a service, it means our team is continually working to make it slicker & more intuitive for you. We want our end users to enjoy tangible insights & actionable updates & that’s why we have created a robust reporting feature to accompany the interface.

Our Future Projects


AI should do more than just alert on potential security risks. That’s why we are working on ways to integrate it into your smart home. Examples of this integration include biometric identification & access control.

Leading Edge

To stay at the leading edge means a relentless pursuit for effective software solutions. Some of these pursuits include anomaly detection, self-operating drones & the diversification of datasets.


The African context brings its own unique challenges. It moves in its own way & we recognise that, to keep up, we need to constantly grow, evolve & re-frame as a company. We will not settle for average when it comes to the well-being of our users and our communities. Refraime in itself is a revolutionary platform & we cannot wait to make it commonplace not only in South Africa, but globally too.